Are bates and anthony dating the country singers

They were particularly close to and formed "The Accidental Alliance" with Leo & Jamal and Dave & Connor, but used the alliance to target Brendon & Rachel, with whom they shared a rivalry with, and often tried to isolate.They reached the final three, being perhaps the most surprising team to participate in the final leg, with even Phil Keoghan saying he did not see them "going as far as they did".C., where teams had to take on a variety of challenges including being suspended over Nationals Park and dropped a baseball to their baseball mascot clad teammate.

Screams erupted from the crowded bar each time the brothers finished a challenge.

When it became clear the two were going to win the race, champagne bottles were at the ready and then popped and promptly poured over each brother's head.

The brothers reside in Raleigh, and Bates Battaglia co-owns Lucky B's in Glenwood South.

The bar has been hosting weekly watch parties with giveaways and a weekly "race" pool.

"I think it was pretty cool for nobody to know and for everyone to finally see it last night," Anthony said.