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Every time Windows 10 runs updates (which I see no way to control), it updates my graphics driver. It's just that the comments are temporary and may be [email protected] Phi - If you post an answer ( or edit the answer that was deleted )with the full resolution contained within an answer I will award a 100 reputation bounty to it. @Nor Phi, you should repost the answer and declare that you don't work for Microsoft. And also ask it not to be deleted as the link is the answer and it would be useful to others.Once you time the task, you will know how long it actually takes.

Tap the “Play” icon to start the timer on the first task.

At any point, you can add more time to the task, in increments of five minutes.

These can basically be categorised in two sections: Planned and Unplanned.

Planned actions are the things you want to do today, while unplanned actions are more of a “mind dump” for those tasks that you want to do some day.

This section’s true impact can be seen in time-tracking, but even otherwise, it’s nice to have a set to-do list of multiple actions that you can start in one tap.