Updating macbook pro

Click the Update button, or if you want to install all the updates available for your computer, click the Update All button.

Step Three A popup will appear warning you that you will need to restart after the download is complete.

updating macbook pro-73

Keep up the good work 😉 Paul Hi — thanks for this post — I’m one of the people from the bug report, although I haven’t been able to use your solution, yet, as there don’t appear to be any firmware upgrades for my model of MBP (5,4) in the link you provide. Don’t know if that works, but maybe someone with the same model could extract the firmware file (should be located in the EFI partition which is mountable (as msdos) from the terminal at the APPLE/EXTENSIONS path) and you flash that one.

I guess I need to ask someone at Apple which one would be safe for me, but I thought I’d post the question here, in case anyone moseying through saw & knew the answer. You could even try and extract your own firmware and flash that, as I think that’s only a backup location for the firmware (but i’m not 100%) so it shouldn’t be broken. Good luck I’ve just been doing a little research, and by going to “About This Mac” I’ve seen that the last installed EFI Firmware was indeed the package shown there for the 5,3, so I reckon I should be good to install that one. Hey pubmem, I just want to thank you for your post.

Step Five Your computer will reboot and the update will be applied.

Step Six Once your system has rebooted you will be on the latest version of OS X.

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